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  • Founded in:
  • Mainnet release: It launched 1.0 of its platform in January 2018 and is now on its third iteration.
  • Based in: Singapore


Audits & Exploits



Admin Keys





Token allocation


Token Details



  • Whitepaper can be found [insert here].
  • Code can be viewed [insert here].
  • Programming language used:

Transaction Details

How it works

"This partnership marks the first instance of using decentralised liquidity pools to power cross-chain bridges. This approach differs fundamentally from the industry standard Lock-Mint-Burn-Unlock approach previously formalized by Wanchain."





Liquidity Mining


Different Implementations


"Polygon and Wanchain are launching a decentralized L2 to L2 cross-chain bridge that connects Arbitrum and Polygon’s PoS chain."

Other Details

Oracle Method

Privacy Method


Their Other Projects


  • Can be found [Insert link here].


Projects that use or built on it


  • Wanchain raised (26-8-2020) concerns about REN's decentralization and claimed they were hiding the fact that they were centralized. REN countered that the centralisation was indeed true, but had been communicated along the way multiple times and that it had a clear roadmap towards decentralising. Since both are fishing in the same cross-chain pond, Wanchain could have had bad motives for starting this.

Pros and Cons



Team, Funding, Partners, etc.


  • Full team can be found [here].
  • Has many links to Factom.
  • Jack Lu, founder; Graduated from Peking University and The Ohio State University. Blockchain entrepreneur and technical expert. Cofounded Factom in 2014. Founded Wanglutech, which brings Blockchain technology to a greater range of applications.
  • Li Ni, Vice President of Business Development and Operations
  • Marcos Cunha; Director of WanLabs Americas; Marcos is in charge Wanchain's exclusive accelerator for FinTech start-ups that are looking to grow their companies in the preeminent blockchain ecosystem. Before joining Wanchain, Marcos founded several companies in the tech space, led development teams in building technology for enterprise clients, worked on Wall Street at Goldman Sachs and at various other Fortune 100 companies. Marcos has an MBA from Indiana University, an Engineering degree from Purdue University and a Fellowship from Stanford on Scaling Companies. He recently served as an Entrepreneur in Residence at Capital Factory/Google/Code2040 and as a Google Developers Expert for Growth. Marcos is an advisor to various companies and a mentor at Google's Pioneer Accelerator and University of Texas Longhorn Startup Lab.
  • Ying Zhang; Senior engineer, from Huawei and served as CAO and CTO of several companies. A senior developer of Ethereum.


  • Wanchain has partnered with Chainlink to access data from financial markets, IoT devices and more. In a blog post, Wanchain praised Chainlink’s safety, reliability and ease of use, adding that it will be “an integral component of the new digital, blockchain-based economy.” Announced: November 2018
  • Has also partnered (23-9-2019) with Chainlink Competitor Band Protocol.
  • FinNexus names it as a partner on its website (6-3-2021). Which is also partners with both before mentioned oracles, Wanchain's founder Jack Lu is also an advisor to FinNexus.



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