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"The cloud-infrastructure company will soon release a suite of blockchain software products called VMware Blockchain, developed in partnership with Deloitte and Dell. The first product will be one that allows data to be transferred securely. Next up is a service that verifies transactions on the blockchain. Full profile"

"The $60 billion software provider partnered with the Australian Securities Exchange last summer to work on developing an application to replace the exchange’s 25-year-old system for making post-trade settlement efficient. The technology behind Facebook’s libra is also derived from software called HotStuff developed by VMware."

"VMware introduced its own enterprise-focused blockchain platform in November. Broadridge Financial Solutions is already using it to enable automation and digitization of repurchase agreements. The Australian Stock Exchange brought on VMware in 2019 to work on a post-trade platform to replace its quarter-century-old system."

  • Blockchain platforms: Project Concord, a new blockchain, which supports multiple frameworks such as Ethereum and DAML. Update (2-2-2021): only VMWare Blockchain.

Current employees

  • Key leader: Mike DiPetrillo, senior director, Blockchain
  • Key Executive: Brendon Howe, vice president & general manager, blockchain (2020 & 2021)