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  • Decentralizing the internet; The main problem Urbit intends to solve is the reliance of internet users on servers they do not control.
  • “A personal server is a virtual computer which stores your data, runs your apps, and manages your connected devices.
  • Urbit is a secure peer-to-peer network of personal servers, built on a clean-slate system software stack.“
  • “While Urbit currently is still centralized, it's managed and developed by Tlon and all galaxies are basically “pre-mined” (though there is no actual mining in Urbit) – the galaxies and stars are designed to become independent and self-governing. Ship owners will be able to vote through a sort of proof-of-stake system to determine the policy and future of their “digital cities.”
  • Being created by Tlon; Urbit is open source (MIT license) and patent-free. Tlon (named after a Borges story) is a vehicle for using the potential value of the Urbit address space to make Urbit real. Tlon owns about 40% of the address space (95 galaxies). Another 50 galaxies are reserved for a future nonprofit. Tlon's long-term goal is to become a boring real-estate investment trust, and shift development control to a Mozilla-style foundation / community. This will not happen any time soon.

Team, investors, etc.