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After great community collaboration DYOR has rebranded into CryptoWiki.me 🥳 a moment to celebrate!

From now on all new information will be added within the CryptoWiki.mecommunity website! No longer over here. So be sure to move over to stay on top of new research developments!

Same content - better & cleaner experience 🤝

DYOR started out in 2015 on Fandom and has now grown to ~3500 pages on CryptoWiki.me 🤩

All the information that you can find in these pages is public knowledge with sources provided. The community is encouraged to add truthful and unbiased entries to further this body of work.

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  • Social platform on which many of the developers and other prominent crypto people share and discus their ideas. Sadly also a place where many block each other. Aka Crypto Twitter (CT).
  • As FlatOutCrypto put it (23-10-2019):

"Where else will you find a forum where leading devs combine with VCs with millions at their disposal to discuss all the concepts you likely won’t understand anyway? Who is on there?

In fairness, most people you should want to listen to. You just have to very selective in discovering who the right people are to follow. Follow liberally but unfollow, mute and block even more liberally. And most importantly, listen to the sceptics, the consistently honest, and those who call out bad practices. These are the most valuable people around."


"Twitter creates 140 NFTs, 7 designs with 20 each, as an ERC1155 on Ethereum using Rarible."

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