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  • Status is an open source messaging platform and mobile interface which will allow users to access the Ethereum network via smartphone and interact with various decentralized applications (DApps) on Ethereum: from sending payments and smart contracts to friends, encrypted messaging to much more special use-cases. Status Network Token holders will participate in the network’s decentralized governance. The project aims to enable everyday smartphone users to use DApps, and provide DApp developers an easy way to reach new users.”
  • Status v1 is live (13-2-2020) on mainnet. A privacy-focused wallet, chat app, and web3 browser:

"After nearly a year of more quiet and focused development, we’ve restructured the core application, built out the promises of the white paper and prepared the app for a future in which the Status Network seeks to deliver on the promises of Ethereum at large."


Audits & Exploits



Admin Keys





  • Had a $100 million ICO in 2017

Token allocation

  • The number of SNT created depended on the amount of contributions received in the ICO.


Token Details



  • Whitepaper can be found [insert here].
  • Code can be viewed [insert here].
  • Built on: Ethereum
  • Programming language used:

Transaction Details

How it works



  • Status v1.2 (7-4-2020), adds Waku to replace Whisper for better messaging.


Liquidity Mining

Different Implementations


Other Details

Oracle Method

Privacy Method


Their Other Projects




  • The project’s closest contender is Token browser developed by Coinbase. Both designed for the Ethereum network, Status and Token have overlapping use cases. The core difference is that Status, unlike the Token, is truly decentralized: implemented on peer-to-peer technologies and controlled by users.
  • A comparison (21-4-2020) with Telegram and Signal was done by Status.

Pros and Cons 



  • Investors can't find the co-founders of the Status Network. They're trying to sue them for allegedly selling unregistered securities in a $100 million ICO.

Team, Funding, Partners

  • The legal entity behind Status is Status Research & Development Gmbh registered in Zug, Switzerland, headed by Jarrad Hope.
  • Bennetts, Carl; founder, Bennetts and Hope have previously founded Opulence, a private network focused on mobile marketing matching affiliates with advertisers and providing them a range of free tools, which was reported to grow to over $20M revenue in 30 months
  • Hope, Jarrad; founder, previously founded Opulence
  • Shovkoplyas, Andrey; has worked in software development at Reasoning Mind for almost ten years, which is a non-profit that designs computer-based math programs for elementary and middle schools and got the Deloitte RightStep Innovation Prize in 2015.
  • Chris Hutchinson
  • Corey Petty




  • It is further clear they have links with the Ethereum Foundation since some of Satus team members were signatories on a leaked Ethereum Foundation document about maintaining cohesion ahead of its (at the time pending) Constantinople, Create2 fork.
  • As of 7-2019 on the partner & clients list of ZeppelinOS.
  • Is a founding member of the ECF