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  • From their blog (31-12-2020):

"We started 2020 off with 8 live networks. Now, we support 14 live networks, with another 2 close to launching in the next few weeks."

  • Algorand; is a Relay node operator
  • Band Protocol. Is a validator on Band Protocol (8-2020).
  • BOS; is a block producer
  • Chainlink. Announced (26-7-2019) that it will serve as a Chainlink “Reviewed Node Operator,” growing the oracle network. "As a Reviewed Node Operator, Stake.fish will be listed in Chainlink’s official documentation and the Chainlink Explorer (used for tracking activity on the decentralized oracle network). On the Chainlink platform, running a node allows it to provide external data directly to smart contracts. In addition to supporting the oracle network, the Stake.fish team intends to help grow the Chainlink community by attracting more developers and other qualified professionals."
  • Cosmos; is a Staker. Stake.fish won Game of Stakes, the incentivized testnet for blockchain interoperability platform Cosmos in February 2018.
  • Ethereum; (31-12-2020) "Within 24 hours of opening our platform, stakers used it to spin up more than 1,500 validators, translating to more than 48,000 ETH staked through our service. Usage has consistently increased during the past month: We now run around 4,500 validators for our users, helping them stake more than 144,000 ETH."
  • Harmony. On (19-5-2020) Harmony
  • Loom; is a Staker
  • Polkadot; "coming soon"
  • Is an early SKALE validator partner (31-7-2020).
  • Tezos; is a Staker
  • Flow; is a validator (15-3-2021).

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