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  • "Solidified is the largest audit platform for smart contracts Leading projects like Polymath, Gnosis, Bankera and Melonport rely on Solidified industry leading audit platform for the most thorough smart contract audit available."
  • More then 60 clients (2-2019)


  • Eduard Kotys; CEO & Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Solidified.
  • Robert Hitchens; Blockchain Advisor, Robert advises Solidified on Strategy and Architectural decisions. Eduard and Robert wrote the original whitepaper together and developed the first draft of the economics model.
  • Alexander Rysenko; Director of Engineering, Alexander is in charge of Solidified web platform, its security and deployment. Previously Lead Developer at Joyent (creator of Node.js) and Lead Developer at Jibo, where Alex built and managed a large secure backend infrastructure on AWS microservices. 

Eduard and Alex worked together at Jibo for 2 years. 

  • Adam Kolar; "Adam helps verify Solidified economics model and game theory, as well as research new ways to improve the system"


  • Polymath; "We help secure all releases of Polymath, the largest securities token platform in the world."
  • Gnosis; "We're collaborating with Gnosis to build the infrastructure necessary to bring the Bug Prediction Market to life."
  • Nexus Mutual; "Together with Nexus Mutual we're excited to offer the first decentralized alternative to insurance for smart contracts." They also did the audit (19-6-2019) on Nexus Mutual at launch, however, two bugs were found (25-2-2020).
  • SegaSec; "We work together with Cyber intelligence and Anti-fraud partners at SegaSec to protect Ethereum Projects that perform audits with us even further."
  • Iconiq Lab; "IconiqLab is a well-known Blockchain Project accelerator program and we are proud to be selected as their primary audit partner."
  • State of the DApps; "We partnered with State of the DApps to display a Solidified badge on DApps that have successfully passed all stages of audit on our platform."
  • One of the four audit partners of Terraform Capital (3-3-2021).