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Employer and funding

Bugs found

"There is an old saying in DeFi; If samczsun hasn't found a bug in your code are you even on mainnet?"

"Samczsun and Tina Zhen save $4.5m from an ElasticDAO unguarded transfer function."

"SushiSwap paid $1 million bounty to samczsun for Miso vulnerability disclosure where $350 million was at risk and assistance with mitigation"

"Gelato G-UNI Router vulnerability, $26 million secured with no funds lost, alerted by samczsun, revoke approvals given to vulnerable contract."


"He discovered what later turned out to be a part of Lien Finance’s protocol: a smart contract that contained over 25,000 ETH. Since Lien Finance’s team was anonymous, the whitehat went through a bunch of potential connections to anyone involved. Alexander Wade, a security researcher at ConsenSys—one of the two companies that audited the smart contract and Ethereum security specialist Scott Bigelow soon joined the rescue operation. With the help of blockchain researcher Tina Zhen, the team added members of both CertiK—the second company that audited the smart contract—and Ethereum mining pool SparkPool to the rescue effort, as well as finally reaching out to Lien Finance."