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  • Did his theses on blockchain technology back in 2013
  • Thinks Bitcoin is being overtaken in innovation by altcoins. "The failure of miners to activate SegWit shows that the innovation has moved away from Bitcoin. To me it's a no-brainer. There is no downside to SegWit."
  • Olaf Wee-Carlson was supportive of minting additional YFI (22-1-2021).


  • Founder Polychain Capital
  • Was the first employer of Coinbase
  • 0x protocol; advisor
  • Numerai; investor/advisor. Backs also prediction data marketplace Erasure on Numerai; the first marketplace where "anybody can upload predictions, stake them with NMR and build a track record that everyone will trust". (6-10-2018)
  • StakerDAO; one of the five (25-6-2020) council members.
  • Integral; advisor (29-3-2021)