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  • Rebranded from Anyswap to Multichain (2022).


"Anyswap will reward anyone who reports bugs to us. This will help us build truly secure and even better cross-chain solutions."


"Multichain bridge vulnerability, 600 ETH exploited."

"The funds lost were all $ pegged stablecoins totalling approximately $7.9M. The root of the exploit lay in the prototype V3 Router’s use of ECDSA, the algorithm securing its MPC wallet by generating private keys. This potential security flaw has been known since 2010, when console hacking group fail0verflow detailed the process here (p123-129). And its application to blockchain keys was later detailed in 2013. Despite this, Anyswap’s post-mortem states that the attacker detected a repeated k value in two of the V3 Router’s transactions on BSC, and was able to back-calculate the private key.

Anyswap stressed that “only the new V3 cross-chain liquidity pools have been affected” and that the bridge remains operational via V1 and V2 Routers. The post-mortem also states that the V3’s code has been fixed and will reopen after the 48hr timelock installed by the team expires. Although action was taken relatively quickly to prevent another attack, @nicksdjohnson is of the opinion that the patch does not do enough:

"Setting aside the fact that there's a much better, industry standard solution to this, their patch: Fails catastrophically (exposing users to another hack) if you accidentally delete a file, or restore from an old backup, or move to a new server. And it requires every signature request to scan every previous one, but really that's the smallest problem here."

Anyswap call themselves a “trustless protocol”, but perhaps that label no longer has the desired effect after such a damning evaluation from a leading Ethereum developer."

  • From their Twitter (17-1-2022):

Critical vulnerability that affected 6 tokens (WETH, PERI, OMT, WBNB, MATIC, AVAX) has been reported and fixed. All assets on both V2 Bridge and V3 Router are safe, and cross-chain transactions can be done safely.:


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  • Built on: BSC
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  • Also behind Allbridge.

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