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  • A ConsenSys venture, has radically simplified blockchain adoption for enterprises with their Blockchain Business Cloud, the first full-stack platform for the entire Enterprise Ethereum journey. This past spring, Kaleido partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) so enterprises can run the Kaleido platform on AWS and seamlessly connect to Amazon’s other analytics, rich query, monitoring, and storage services.
  • Helps companies implement blockchain technology. It has 1,900 users and says it just began charging for its services. Amazon Web Services recently announced that its ubiquitous hosting platform is compatible with Kaleido’s blockchain offerings.
  • "With over 1500+ consortia blockchain networks, 4000+ nodes and 150M blocks generated since launching in May, no other product in the Enterprise Ethereum ecosystem has seen the success of Kaleido or made real progress towards making enterprise blockchain easier to adopt.

Kaleido’s Blockchain Business Cloud, in collaboration with ConsenSys and AWS, is the leading SaaS platform for building, running and scaling complete enterprise blockchain solutions. It accelerates and simplifies the entire journey from blockchain exploration, proof of concepts and pilots to live production business networks. It’s the first and only platform that offers production-ready, consortium-level plans that cater to a spectrum of needs and roles among network participants. The platform enables users to create a private chain in a matter of minutes and a straightforward interface for onboarding and governing users, along with plug-and-play access to related services, cloud integrations, and 3rd party applications through the Kaleido Blockchain Marketplace.

Kaleido makes it both easy and free for users to get going with its Starter Plan. Just as Salesforce simplified and democratized access for CRMs, Kaleido is transforming enterprise blockchain with its easy-to-use SaaS and low cost of entry."

Team, partners, etc.

Through this partnership, the firm will allow clients to shield sensitive information through zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) cryptography when trading tokenized assets in their marketplace. While the technology is broadly applicable, it has particular utility in the energy and financial sectors. The company has worked with established brands including T-Mobile, Sony, Fox, and UnionBank to build blockchain networks."