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Money links

Former Employees

  • Former partner, billionaire Mike Novogratz
  • Former roommate of Mike Novogratz, Joseph Lubin used to build software for Goldman Sachs
  • Han, Elliot; managing director at Argon Group. Worked for Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse and Jefferies. Graduate of Columbia University, Oxford and Cambridge (Law)
  • Fred Ehrsam; former trader, now Board Member of Coinbase (which he founded) and advisor to 0x Protocol and Numeraire
  • Dan Morehead; Pantera founder, held executive roles at Deutsche Bank, Bankers Trust, and Goldman Sachs.
  • Mona El Isa, CEO of Melonport, “Former star-trader at Goldman Sachs, promoted to Vice President by the age of 26 and made the “top 30 under 30” list in Trader Magazine in 2008 and Forbes Magazine in 2011 after profitably trading the 2008 and 2011 crashes.
  • Breitman, Arthur; founder Tezos and (LinkedIn, Github) graduated from the New York University with a degree in financial mathematics. His latest professional activities before Tezos were related to strategy development and market making, including posts of Vice President at Morgan Stanley, Associate at Goldman Sachs, and Portfolio Manager at White Bay Group.
  • Marcos Cunha; Director of WanLabs Americas. He recently served as an Entrepreneur in Residence at Capital Factory/Google/Code2040 and as a Google Developers Expert for Growth. Marcos is an advisor to various companies and a mentor at Google's Pioneer Accelerator and University of Texas Longhorn Startup Lab.
  • John Piotrowski; Former Goldman Sachs, now Founder of The Ocean and advisor at TrueUSD. Formerly worked at McKinsey and the IMF.
  • Bill Wolf; Former managing director at Goldman Sachs, HSBC and Credit Suisse. Now advisor at TrueUSD.
  • Jeff Cartwright; now working on FB crypto project.
  • Carl Stern; Former Goldman Sachs and Boston Consulting Group, now at Bitpay on the Board of Directors
  • Jill Carlson; began her career as a credit trader, covering sovereign debt and derivatives, now advisor to multiple projects
  • Fortuna claims some of their team members from come here.
  • Gemini hired a former Goldman Sachs executive to lead their Asia expansion. 
  • Ankr claims (11-11-2020) that some of its team members come from here (among other big companies). 
  • Oasis Network; CMC claims on that some of the team members come from here (15-11-2020). 


Other Links

  • Was a founding member of R3 but dropped out in late 2016.
  • A Digital Asset Project Manager position opening at Goldman Sachs points towards the rekindling of the bank's digital asset program, according to The Block; based within its incubator program, the manager will direct the scope and scale of Goldman Sachs digital asset ambitions with one Block insider pointing toward development of a JPMCoin competitor.
  • Partner with Truffle