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"World's first decentralized big data and machine learning network powered by a computing-centric blockchain"


  • From their blog (21-6-2019):

"DX token swap will start after the Mainnet launch. And the swap ratio for erc-20 DX to the native DxChain token will be 1:1. The swap process will start when the Mainnet has been launched and steady run for a period of time.

BTW, the community points you got from participating in the community events and campaigns can be redeemed at the ratio 10:1. So if you have got 10,000 community pts, you will get 1,000 erc-20 DX as a community reward."


"Uses 'chains-on-chain tech. With Proof of Spacetime (PoSt) used as the consensus protocol of storage. It provides the foundation for the decentralized storage network. PDC is a statistical framework to verify the correctness of computation results with few copies of redundant computing."

Oracle Method being used





  • The website (10-4-2020) seems outdated, having a 2018 feel. Their roadmap is only until 2019 Q4 and is updated until 2019 Q2. Mainnet was planned for 2019 Q3 with Dapps in Q4. There has also not been (10-4-2020) any English update since 21-6-2019 and no Chinese since 9-6-2019, which marked the start of the 3.0 Testnet.



Pros and Cons

Team, investors, Partnerships, etc.