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DYOR started out in 2015 on Fandom and has now grown to ~3500 pages on CryptoWiki.me 🤩

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"I started to use Bitcoin in 2015, but in 2017 is really when it all connected for me as far as a long history in appreciating the concept of liberty and freedom, and slowly starting to learn about the influence that central banks have over our lives and things like that. And then in 2017, it all just clicked for me when I was watching an online course about the history of money and tulips and seashells and everything that has been considered money in the past. And it just connected for me that Bitcoin was solving all of those problems.

And I went down the proverbial rabbit hole at that time. And before that, for 20 years, I was a marketing director VP for different tech companies, media companies, even sports entertainment."

  • Has been accused (9-7-2021) of being a bad actor, only to attack protocols in order to farm engagement and build his personal brand. Others however praise him for his relentless work in calling out admin keys and centralization.