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  • Former child actor
  • Attender of Satoshi Roundtable
  • Used to run a World of Warcraft gold farm with Steve Bannon, some speculated that the farmers were Chinese prisoners, where Brock said something along the lines of: "At least they weren't idle."


  • Founded 8 cryptocurrency startups and often referred to as the father of digital currency
  • Clinton Global Initiative, member (Initiative convenes global leaders to create and implement innovative solutions to the world's most pressing challenges)
  • GoCoin, Co-founder and Board Observer
  • BlockStreet, Co-founder
  • Coin Congress, Co-founder
  • Crypto Currency Partners, Co-founder
  • Decentral, mentor
  • Tether; co-founder
  • KnCMiner.cn, Co-founder (KNC Miner went out of business, they claim due to stiff competition “Even if they have free electricity we can’t understand how they can make a profit”, the they is assumed to be Bitmain)
  • Robocoin Asia, Co-founder
  • ZenBox, Co-founder
  • Blade Financial
  • Expresscoin, Co-founder
  • Noble Markets, Noble is a vertically-integrated prime brokerage platform for OTC markets
  • BitGo, a Blockchain security company
  • ChangeTip, micropayment platform (shutdown in november 2016, most of the staff continued working on airbnb)
  • Founded the IMI, Exchange, sold for $100M
  • Block.One, co-founder now former partner (8-2018). Stepped down as chief strategy officer at Block.one after his past legal issues came up in the media. But came back as board member on the EOS Alliance.
  • EOS, partner


  • Pierce has invested in over 30 companies in the blockchain ecosystem, helped raise over $200MM for companies he is involved with, is a mentor for startup accelerators, and runs a top AngelList syndicate.
  • Was one of the biggest investors in the Ethereum ICO
  • BitAngels; Investor Lead
  • Said he bought 10% of all Maidsafe tokens at the ICO