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  • Location: Montreal, founded in 2014.
  • The company is focused on developing bitcoin applications specifically sidechains with its Liquid, as well as other applications. Blockstream has raised $76M to date from investors including Khosla Horizons Ventures and Mosaic Ventures.
  • “Creating ways to handle bitcoin micropayments and a technology called sidechan that offers firms more flexibility handling bitcoin transfers. Working with Intercontinental Exchange.”
  • Blockstream is one of the largest contributors of funding for Bitcoin Core.


  • Liquid sidechain; On October 12, 2015, Blockstream announced the release of its Liquid sidechain which could allow for the transfer of assets between the sidechain and the main blockchain
  • Elements Project; Blockstream released an open source codebase and testing environment for its sidechains product to public under open source license.The Elements Project is a community effort to create and test new extensions to the Bitcoin protocol, whose early contributions include Confidential Transactions by Gregory Maxwell, and Segregated Witness by Pieter Wuille.
  • Blockstream has released source code for the smart contracts on blockchain language Simplicity; Simplicity has been built to be compatible with Blockstream’s Elements platform, Elements is an open source, sidechain-capable blockchain platform
  • Is open sourcing its Proof-of-Reserve tool for increased transparency; most proof-of-reserve operations require substantial transactions that put exchanges at high security risks; Blockstream's innovative tool uses common sense and UTXO values to prove the extent of reserves; however, revealing UTXO values themselves is not a safe method, a problem Blockstream is currently working to rectify
  • From the Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #69 (23-10-2019):

"Blockstream Green Tor support: Version 3.2.4 of the Blockstream Green Wallet adds built-in Tor support for both iOS and Android. While Tor was supported in previous Android versions, it required a separate application whereas both Android and iOS versions are now bundled with Tor support."

"In 2019, Blockstream launched Blockstream Pool and announced it had been previously mining for a select few high-profile clients like Fidelity. Blockstream said it bought $25 million worth of mining machines from MicroBT. The machines are to be deployed through Blockstream's facilities in Canada and the U.S."

Team, etc.

  • Corallo, Matt; co-founder, Bitcoin Core dev, Nick: BlueMatt
  • Chris Decker; engineer (20-2-2020)
  • Friedenbach, Mark; co-founder
  • Fowler, Alexander; co-founder
  • Hall, Francesca; co-founder
  • Hill, Austin; co-founder. Entrepreneur, Investor, Cancer Researcher, Poker Strategist
  • Hoffman, Reid; board member, is a LinkedIn founder
  • Martindate, Eric
  • Maxwell, Gregory; co-founder, chief tech officer. Resigned in 1-2018.
  • Mow, Samson; CSO
  • Poelstra, andrew
  • Blockstream hired Rusty Russell, a well-known developer famous for his work on Linux kernel, to develop an implementation of the Bitcoin Lightning Network
  • Silbert, Barry; through Digital Currency Group
  • Svenson, Erik; co-founder
  • Blockchain Capital, investor
  • Strateman, Patrick; core tech engineer
  • Timon, Jorge; Core Tech Engineer, Nick: jtimon
  • Wilkins, Jonathan; co-founder
  • Wuille, Pieter, Dr.; Co-founder blockstream, Nick: Sipa, Bitcoin Core developer, put forth the SegWit proposal and is the primary author of libsecp256k1, a library for efficient elliptic curve cryptography for use in Bitcoin.
  • Fields, Cory; BTC core dev/blockstream employee, Nick: cfields
  • Willen, Glenn; BTC core dev/blockstream employee, Nick: gwillen
  • Sanders, Gregory; BTC core dev/blockstream employee, Nick: instagibbs
  • Todd, Peter; BTC core dev/blockstream employee
  • Strateman Patrick; BTC core dev/blockstream employee, Nick: phantomcircuit
  • Togami, Warren; BTC core dev/blockstream employee

Old employees

  • Bitcoin developer Mike Hearn quit the Bitcoin project over a dispute involving a failed block size increase, which Hearn claimed was being opposed by Maxwell of Blockstream.
  • Ben Gorlick and Johnny Dilley quited Blockstream to join with a startup called Crowd Machine (cloud computing) where they no serve as the CTO and Chief of system architecture, respectively.

Partnerships, investors, etc.