DYOR Crypto Wiki



  • Basis; part of the $130M raise into Nader Al-Naji's project, it failed a couple months later and he returned the money.
  • Compound. Was part of an $8.2M seed round for Compound in May of 2018. And again participated in a $25mil Series A for Compound in 11-2019.
  • DCG. Invested in DCG.
  • dYdX. Participated in a $10M Series A round investing in dYdX
  • ParaFi. Is a backer of ParaFi (20-8-2020).
  • Sia. Nebulous (Sia) closed a $3.5 million pre–Series A round led by Bain Capital Ventures, along with participants like Bessemer Venture Partners and Dragonfly Capital Partners.Participated in a $3M raise for Sia (23-9-2020).
  • UMA. Invested in UMA, according to their website (6-2-2020)


  • Zhuoxun Yin; Former consultant at Bain. Now head of operations at dYxY, which Bain invested in.