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"The luxury automaker currently has a pilot program with suppliers with plants in Europe, Mexico and the U.S. and is using blockchain to track materials, components and parts across its supply chain. BMW is also a member of the Mobile Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI), which is made up of a consortium of auto manufacturers including Honda and Ford. In July 2019, Mobi launched the auto industry’s first blockchain vehicle identity standard, which gives new cars a digital identity. The technology could eventually track events throughout a car’s life and be used to connect vehicles to share information, track speed, location, direction of travel, braking and even driver intention (like changing lanes)."





Pros and Cons

Team, investors, Partnerships, etc.


  • Key Executive: Andre Luckow, head of distributed ledger and emerging technologies 



"The Oasis team announced that they’ve launched an early-stage project with BMW Group to build the next generation of data privacy technology in the automotive industry."