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"It was like 2011, 2012 that me and some of my college fraternity buddies bought mushrooms on the internet, from the Silk Road and had a great time and it was an eye-opening experience. Unfortunately, we didn't buy as much Bitcoin as we could have. But you know, shortly after that, after graduating, I wrote a Bitcoin arbitrage bot, I made a couple dollars off of the arbitrage. I made $1,000 off of the Bitcoin bubble in Mt. Gox and lost everything. And then I wasn't very rich at the time. But then I sort of walked away from crypto for a while and then only got back into it once I discovered Ethereum. And I thought it was interesting, as a programmer, I could write code that ran on Ethereum and I thought that was fascinating and could have potentially large implications and joined ConsenSys ultimately, in the summer of 2016, and I stayed there for a little less than a year, did some fun work there. We worked on advertising stuff, worked on scalability, payment channels, state channels, those kinds of solutions, and then eventually left to start SpankChain.

I studied chemical engineering in college and then afterwards I was like, I want to learn something that's more on the cutting edge. And so I started teaching myself web development, JavaScript, SQL, that whole stack. And then when Ethereum came along, I started building DApps. So I started teaching myself Solidity, and then you still need all the rest of it in order to launch a DApp. You still need to make the UI and have the database and stuff like that."