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"Back in early 2013 when I was still in school, I met with my dad at a local café during lunch break. He told me about this new thing he read about on the internet called Bitcoin. I was fascinated by the concept and began spending time reading up on the topic. A few months later, I finished building the prototype of an application that would accompany me for years to come — a custom trading bot for arbitrage opportunities between centralized exchanges. The initial version was rough, could only trade BTC/USD, and supported a limited number of exchanges. Yet, it generated returns, and combined with my increasing interest in Bitcoin, I further extended the application to the point where it supported lots of exchanges and arbitrary trading pairs while utilizing commercial MILP solvers for calculating complex arbitrage trades. When I met again with my dad for another coffee in mid-2015 and he told me about Ethereum, which had recently launched. This day marked the beginning of my journey down the crypto rabbit hole and effort to really understand how and why it works on a fundamental level.

I gathered as much knowledge and experience about smart contracts and Ethereum as I could on my own before starting to freelance on Gitcoin. The time on Gitcoin was exceptionally valuable to me as I worked on an extremely diverse set of tasks, from the F# compiler to lightning network integrations and smart contracts. On Gitcoin, I also got to know Mike who at the time was building the prototype of Ideamarket. After working on various bounties for Ideamarket, I later went on to join Ideamarket full-time as CTO."


  • Whitehat hacker
  • Ideamarkets; CTO

Bugs Found

  • From Fei's blog (14-5-2021):

"Whitehat Alexander Schlindwein, known for receiving the largest ever bug bounty payout after finding a critical bug in ArmorFi, discovered a critical vulnerability in Fei Protocol."

  • From Blockthreat (5-10-2021):

"Belt Finance patched a critical logic error bug after it was responsibly disclosed by Alexander Schlindwein."