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  • Became well known for his role of taking over development at SushiSwap after the previous founder left.
  • On 0xMaki leaving SushiSwap himself a year later, from Rekt (6-12-2021):

"0xMaki did not decide to leave Sushiswap. He was fired in a vote orchestrated by Joseph Delong. A vote was held on 9/9/21, in which 11 of 17 members of a Sushi dev chat voted on whether to “Ask Maki to take an advisory role for Sushi and leave the core team”.

91% voted yes, and 9 days later, 0xMaki announced he was “stepping down” from his role at Sushiswap. We now know that 0xMaki was put into a position by JOKR where he had to leave Sushi, or 6 other developers would leave, meaning Trident would not be shipped, and much of his work would have been for nothing. As 0xMaki is the only one at Sushiswap with a 3 year contract (other members have 1 year), JOKR couldn’t fire him, so instead they “asked him to take an advisory role”, without consulting the community."